A lonely rich man is told the secrets of his past
from a boy who cannot speak.

Norian/Boznos Productions©

Story and Lyrics:    Dean Boznos
Music:    Gary Norian
Production / Orchestration:    Brad Sayles

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
Conducted by Miriam Nemcova

A musical in 2 Acts featuring 15 songs

Two intertwined love stories that
unfold over four days before Christmas:
one ending, and one beginning-
both revealed by a speechless child.

A poor aging hermit, Fuziwink, who has walled off his past due to an unbearable loss, is unexpectedly granted great opportunity and means. Hopelessly trying to find fulfillment by adorning himself with all he’s lacked, he eventually turns his attentions to a young boy instead. Although the boy cannot speak, and outwardly they are so different, Fuziwink finds that he and the child are kindred. Through helping the child, Fuziwink begins to help himself and unlock the door held tightly shut on his past – and by learning to embrace his pain trying to set an example for the child, he finds himself able to re-experience love tragically denied. In his ultimate act of giving on the eve of Christmas, he finds what was believed lost – through giving it is he who receives, by trying to free the boy, he is freed, and by finding a place for the child to belong, it is he who finds his place.

Complete Credits and Performers:





Brad Sayles, PRODUCER


Orchestra & European Recording:

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Conducted by Miriam Nemcova

Recorded at Smecky Music Studio, Prague

Recording Engineer: Vitek Kral

Translator and Music Assistant: Stanja Vomackova

Orchestra Contractor and Session Supervision: James Fitzpatrick for Tadlow Music Ltd



Old Fuziwink - Kenneth Gayle (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

Mrs. Carol - Julia K Laskowski (track 3, 6, 12)

Darla - Lauren MacDonald (tracks 1, 7)

Young Fuziwink - Aaron Strack (tracks 1, 7,9)

Grant - Sean Holshouser (tracks 11, 12)

Camille - Camille Reese (tracks 11, 12)


 American Production & Recording:

Recording Engineer (Vocals): Glenn Wheeler

Album Produced by Brad Sayles

Executive Producer: Marie Taylor Bosarge


Recording Ensemble Choir:

Steve Duson

Sherry Duson

Will Duson

Gracie Duson

Michael Gott

Jarrod Hageman

Julienne Maguire

Vonda Scott

Andrea Robertson

Elise Shoss

Johathan Vaughan


Recording Children's Ensemble

Julia Harfenist

Tessa Harfenist

Gabriel Martinez-Cross

Olive Norian

Lily Harty




Graphics,  Album Art

Dean Boznos


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Norian/Boznos Productions© 2016